Wednesday, July 15, 2020

People v. Bowen (Cal. Ct. App. - July 15, 2020)

Let me get this straight.  A 62-year old man agrees to board your dog for $100/week, you say the dog will be there for only two weeks, you actually leave the dog there for five months, you and a couple of your buddies eventually come to the house and take the dog without paying the guy, later you beg him to take the dog again and he agrees (you still haven't paid him), then you come to his house and try to stab him to death?!

Wow.  Talk about ungrateful.

Props to the victim, however.  Who, even after being repeatedly stabbed in the neck, eventually gets the defendant (Quentin Bowen) in a half nelson and escapes.

And Mr. Bowen gets sentenced to life in prison.  (Which the trial court somewhat erroneously calls "seven to life," but really it's just life with the possibility of parole, with at least seven years before any parole eligibility.  According to the Court of Appeal:  a distinction without a difference.)

Well done, 62-year old victim Dennis N.  I hope you got Quentin's dog after he went to prison.  It sounds from the opinion like you took very good care of him.

Better care than you received from Mr. Bowen, for sure.

Now off to mail my tax returns . . . .  (Speaking of ungrateful.)