Thursday, May 12, 2011

People v. Butler (Cal. Ct. App. - May 11, 2011)

Here's a scam that I hadn't considered.

Cut yourself shaving.  Maybe legitimately, maybe not.  Doesn't matter.  Sue Gilette in small claims court claiming that Gilette's electric shaver caused your injury.  Attach pictures.  Settle for $4700.

Two months later, sue Phillips in small claims court claiming that it was Phillips' electric shaver.  Attach the same pictures.  Settle for $4800.

Wait three months and then file the same lawsuit against Schick.  Then, a month later, against Panasonic. 

As you can tell, it worked for a while.  But as you can also tell by the fact I'm writing about it, eventually the guy gets caught, and charged (and convicted) of both theft and perjury.

The sentence is also actually pretty striking:  14 years.  But that's only because of the Three Strikes Law and the fact he had been in prison three times previously.

Still, it's an easier (and safer) crime than robbing a bank, eh?  As well as more remunerative.