Wednesday, May 11, 2011

People v. Riazati (Cal. Ct. App. - May 11, 2011)

You may well like animals.  Or even love them.  I get it.  Really, I do.

But I'll offer the following rule, which although not categorical, is at least subject to a very heavy presumption:

If you have more than 50 animals as pets, you're doing something wrong.

I make this observation after reading this case.  From San Diego.  Involving 90 pets.  In not good condition.

Anything over 50 and there's simply too much pee and poop for one person -- or even several -- to deal with.  Got a farm and 400 acres?  Good job.  That's why the presumption's rebuttable.  But I'd still worry that you're not doing that great of a job, and you really need to take a step back and ask yourself:  "Am I nutty?  Or at least a little obsessive, perhaps to the detriment of the very animals I love?"

You probably won't be going to jail.  Even here, after getting convicted, Riazati is simply sentenced to probation.  But that's not the point.  The point is that you may well be doing bad instead of good.  That's hopefully something you care about.  Worth considering.  Even beyond the expense and hassle of trial.