Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kaiser v. Abbott Labs (9th Cir. - Jan. 13, 2009)

It's an HMO versus a large pharmaceutical company. So I know many people will find it hard to root for either side.

But it's also a very interesting patent and antitrust dispute, and for those in the hard core intellectual property field, a definite must read. If the words "Walker Process," "sham litigation," and "Noerr-Pennington" mean a lot to you -- and, on my end, I recall spending several years with those concepts in the forefront of my brain -- the view of the Ninth Circuit here is something that in which you'll be interested.

P.S. - I like the way the Ninth Circuit has tweaked the new web site, particularly that the opinions now directly pop up rather than are initially viewed in a small window. Keep up the good work.