Monday, May 17, 2010

People v. Contreras (Cal. Ct. App. - May 10, 2010)

When they're trying to keep you locked up as a "mentally disordered offender," here are some things you definitely do not want the staff psychologist to say about you:

"Mohapatra testified Contreras's schizophrenia manifested in his refusal to eat because he believed he was not going to be able to swallow, his thoughts that the hospital staff was going to break his penis, and his thoughts that his arms and leg were going to fall off because of his tattoos. In addition, Contreras talked about being lobotomized with an ice pick and hearing echoes through the hole in his head. He complained about hearing voices that commanded him to hurt himself or others and of seeing spirits or ghosts. During several instances at the hospital, Contreras was seen talking to unseen others and laughing inappropriately.

Some of Contreras's inappropriate behaviors that contributed to Mohapatra's diagnosis were laughter when someone talked about a family member being killed, pronouncing 'guns can solve problems that words cannot,' and threatening his roommate. He threatened a fellow patient saying he had friends on the outside that could 'get' the fellow patient. He also joined in an assault on a fellow patient who was being beaten up by several other patients. When confronted, he said he did it for fun and for the exercise it provided."

Yeah. They're not going to let you out. Surprise, surprise.