Tuesday, May 25, 2010

People v. Ligons (Cal. Ct. App. - May 13, 2010)

I know you want to get out of your jail cell. It's no fun. Never is. I get it.

But it's not going to help for you to try to forcefully push your way out of your jail cell. The officers you're pushing aren't going to like it. The judge isn't going to like it. Neither is the jury. The result potentially being that you have four more years in which to complain about your surroundings.

You might want to have thought about that same principle, by the way, when you refused to leave your home after it was foreclosed upon. Which is what put you in jail to begin with.

Chant your mantra. Mellow. Visualize world peace. Anything other than what you did.

P.S. - It really takes "20-30 minutes" of constant fighting with an inmate in a jail cell before other officers at the jail respond, even after you repeatedly call for "immediate assistance" in a fight?! Wow.