Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cosa v. Mukasey (9th Cir. - Sept. 15, 2008)

It's amazing what you can learn by reading published opinions. For example, before this one, could I have told you what Millenism entails? Nope. No way. It's not even in Wikipedia, for goodness sake. (And, for you football fans, no, Millenism does not in fact involve the worship of Matt Millen.)

But now I sort of know. Which is cool.

Mind you, I still couldn't tell you the apparently complex relationship between Millenism and Russellism. (My only guess would be that the latter declare that the true Messiah is actually Nipsey Russell.) But neither could the petitioner here, and Judge McKeown rightly holds that this subtle intellectual deficiency is hardly a reason to find someone uncredible.

Anyway, read this one and mark yet another religion on your list of those about which you have only the slightest glimmer of understanding. Only several more thousand to go.