Wednesday, September 03, 2008

People v. Warner (Cal. Ct. App. - Sept. 3, 2008)

"Douglas William Warner commenced a romantic relationship with his next-door neighbor while she was engaged in bitter child custody litigation with her husband, who later accused him of abusing the couple’s child. His arrest at his apartment in front of his friends infuriated him. The court dismissed the charges against him for lack of evidence, but he felt depressed and distraught at losing his chance to have his day in court. Weeks later, he killed her husband with a shotgun blast to the chest."

That's a pretty darn tight summary of Warner's affairs. And, as grim as that description may well be, is probably less grim than his next 100 years. In the pokey.


P.S. - I do gotta say that, as far as sympathy for murderer goes -- and, as you can imagine, that's not a very high scale -- this one strikes my somewhat sympathetic. I mean, I wouldn't want anyone making allegations like that against me (or getting me arrested for it). Fortunately, however, I have no shotgun. And, I hope, at least a tiny bit more self-control.